A New Poem Published in Reach Poetry 274 August 2021

Thanks to Ronnie Goodyear the Editor I have the following poem Published in this Issue .

Living Gently

Sitting in the shade I dream
of that beach of silver sand,
walking dunes where grass
grasps back the wild waves.
A path winds between
wildflowers blue, gold, reds
patterning a bedspread
of dreams, desires:
freedom from the presence
of fears, surrounding silence
capturing my heart.

I turn toward the cobbled streets:
the red roofed houses, clustered
as they cling a narrow path,
to open to a cobbled square
dressed with trees, geraniums.

Cafés spread welcoming awnings.
I take a seat, order fresh croissants
a coffee, sit, watch the busy crowds
gather on this market day.
A glass of wine, why not?
time has no meaning on this day!
The waiter chats inquiring
“would Madam like another glass, or cholate?”

I can taste, feel
the hand of the chocolatier,
the tongue of the vintner
blending, fashioning this sunlit town.

Carolyn O’ Connell © Published in Reach 274 August 2021


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