Update by Sue Sims

This is the latest post by Sue on the continuing effect of the loss of her son Dr. Mark Sims and his legacy. He still inspires others after his death and this blog is both his journey and active life after diagnosis. Its a wonderful positive read for anyone who feels overwhelmed by a limited life diagnosis and how to live positively. I never met him but through Sue, who I know well, I feel that I knew him.

Wrestling Melanoma

So much has happened since I last posted so where do I start? Chris and I are settled now in Beaminster Dorset and running Tangerine Cafe and Gallery which we love.

Soon after our move to Dorset we were were invited to the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge for the unveiling of a new plaque for Mark. I have also spoken at CRUK events and talked to Skin Cancer specialist nurses at one of their conferences. I try as much as possible to continue to raise awareness of cancer generally and skin cancer in particular as Mark is no longer here to do it and it meant such a lot to him.

We are touched that so many people still think about Mark and miss him as we do. So many lovely friends, ours and Mark’s have come to seek us out at Tangerine Cafe and many keep in touch…

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