Reviews of my book on Amazon

This will be a wonderful book to read or give as a present

Angela Topping

I am grateful to David Cooke (of The High Window) for this review of my latest book on Amazon:

Beautifully crafted and accessible, The Five Petals of Elderflower, is convincing testimony to Angela Topping’s unwavering pursuit of poetry as a vocation. Undistracted by fashion, she writes with authority about the things that are important to her: family, childhood, the natural world, in poems that are beautifully cadenced, honest, and rooted in real experience. Throughout this collection, there is an admirable clarity and musicality. Nothing is overstated and time and again the poet delivers in images that are freshly minted. This is a poetry where ‘each house has its own story to tell, / each door keeps its own secrets.’ It deserves to be widely read.

Amazon is saying the book is not available, but they are wrong. It is available from me. £10 including postage, which gives a small discount.

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