National Poetry Day Freedom poems part 2: Stop Taking The Tabloids by Peter Roe

I am not a silent poet

My anxiety is rising… my stress is off the scale

I glimpsed a bloody headline in the Daily Mail

They fill you up with crazy and make your mind obsess

We should waterboard our MPs and make them all confess

Leaning left, leaning right, then they’re on the fence

Scrap the trident, ban the bomb, spend more on defence

The security forces watch you with your own webcam

Phishing, skimming, hacking the latest techno scam

Why did they put those masts in the centre of our towns?

Wireless from our smart phones is used to dumb us down!

The rich are getting richer they are standing on our backs

The poor are sponging off the state according to the hacks

The foreigners are coming they’re going to take your job

The criminals are outsourcing… to the Russian mob

The food we’re eating will kill us it’s gone beyond a joke

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