Keep Poems Alive International


Well, here we are in December, and not a very happy world right now.
Let’s hope we can draw a little strength from poetry.

   Creation myths seem to come second to birds in popularity on Keep Poems Alive. This one is our third and they are all very different. Slightly creepy this one perhaps, which our Spider poem is not: it’s about intricacy in a piece of music.

   The other three poems are about people in couples. Separate or together? You decide. This week’s poets are P. C. Vandall, Chris Jackson, Alice Major, Rachel Bentham and David J. Costello.

   Hopefully you’ll keep sending your favourite previously published poems and keep sharing the posts, so that as many people as possible can continue to enjoy all these poems.

 KPA serengeto plains


What’s Between Us

What’s between us is this space, dark
matter that makes up billions
of particles…

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