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Abegail Morley

A little Christmas poem…


© poem: Caroline Carver      © card:  poetry p f     read the poem

It’s lovely to see The Twelve Days of Christmas theme coming up on The Poetry Shed… It brings to mind (well, mine anyway!) that the hit count goes up tremendously at the poetry p f online poet showcase – – twice a year: once on the run-up to Christmas and again (an even higher hike in the counts) in the few days before St Valentine’s Day. It’s good to know that, despite all the accusations of it, poetry these days is most definitely not ‘just for poets’.

Being accessible to everyone with a will to look for poetry is at the heart of the poetry p f aim. The site was created as an open invitation (hence no ‘register and log-in’ to access the site or print-restrictive constructions on it) to all-comers…

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