A New Poem Published by Barry Woods Winter online anthology

Christmas Traditions

Christmas was always full of celebrations
lights, parties and total togetherness
traditions carried by all generations.

2020 was not such year
people spent it quietly contemplating
found enjoyment in simple traditions;
the single day of The Christmas Carol.

2021 will be traditionally joyous
true friends, families can meet in Christmas Present
money spent simply like Bob Cratchit
friendships, families repaired by reformed Ebenezer
to be carried to Christmas Yet to Come.

Cherish the lights, the day when it comes
with all its traditions so simply passed down
by Generations. Hold it tight, simple
as the finger of Christmas Yet to Come

for it celebrates a child born in a stable
who would become a refugee, teacher
whose message is Love for each other
and the Lovely Earth we live upon.

Carolyn O’Connell©


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