Horwich Memories

This poem is now pinned on The Places in Poetry North-West Section during the Lancashire Lit Fest.
the pin is Bolton. Thanks to Paul Farley & Andrew McRae for accepting it

Horwich Memories

They lay where his roses once grew
beside an old chapel named New,
watching a loved panoramic view
scene from an old wall to the Irish Sea.

Memories sweet I hold of that spot
a cottage where love sprouted twice,
it’s rocking chair and a special cake;
walks up to the moor rising high above.

Tobogganing on tea trays or hessian bags
was a Boxing Day ritual when snow spread
its blanket on fields above River Douglas,
Easter walks on the moors to gather wildflowers
and climbing the Pike was a ritual honoured.

Summer brought trips to sea at Southport
or Morecombe, buckets & spades, swimsuits
fish & chips, rides and ice cream brought delight
we’d return after picnics & a wander of shops.

Now they’re gone but the memories live on
 mother and step-father, days doused in love & fun.l ©


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