Strix, Coast to Coast to Coast, new poems, Liverpool.


Roy Marshall

I like to keep an eye out for new poetry magazines.  Not only is it interesting to see what sort of writing the editors favour, I’m also keen to see how the magazines are physically put together; what shape and format they take, the artwork and print quality and style, the type of materials used.  The response times for many of the established journals is quite lengthy and so it is also refreshing to receive a quicker response. At launches I’ve attended recently there has been a great buzz with enthusiastic editors, organisers and poets attending. Funds permitting (they do not) I would subscribe to several of the new small magazines that have come out in the last year or so.  Some of my favourites are the Leeds based Strix magazine,  wonderful East Anglian based Fenland Reed     and the unique hand-sown Coast to Coast to Coast produced by…

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