Susan Jordan and ‘A House of Empty Rooms’

Rebecca Gethin

Susan Jordan is the new Featured Writer with her first collection, A House of Empty Rooms, published by Indigo Dreams. It was delightful to hear Susan read some of her poems in Exeter at Uncut Poets last month, I think it was.  I was particularly impressed with ‘Gertrude by Alice’ with its witty refrain She was a genius, you know. I think we all gasped!   The poems about family members misusing words are humorous as well as being poignant.  Susan has this gift for probing insights delivered with irony and tenderness at the same time.  She creates atmosphere with a few words, focuses on detail on something someone says to reveal hidden truths.

….the front door loomed incomprehensibly blue

Its smell of polish lingering like stale cake

These poems always know when to finish and you hear their quiet notes falling away so you need to read…

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