Within by Bethany Rivers

I am not a silent poet

Syria within me

I feel your desolate desecration

Thousands of crumbling empty houses

Palestine within me

I feel your  Land robbed  Olive trees poisoned

Crimes against The Wall

Europe within me

Every flag of every nation

Only the wind carries freedom

Blood battles within me

Of the generations to come

Scars and fences needing to be undone

Russian pogroms within me

In the bones of my Great Grandmother

Wounds of  dislocation

The thirst within me

Fountain of my heart still learning

To make itself heard


Bethany Rivers (M.A.)
Debut pamphlet due out 22nd July, OFF THE WALL from Indigo Dreams Publishing http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/bethany-rivers/4592595600

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