The Dark Days of Winter #tentips

Good advice

Angela Topping

These dark drear days can be hard to endure. Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Winter is hard on all living things, especially once festive holidays are over and the long hard slog towards spring begins.

In the spirit of sharing and the joys of simple pleasures, I offer these tips to get us through the dark days.

  1. Read some poetry. Anthologies like Deborah Alma’s ‘The Everyday Poet’ (Michael Marra), Daisy Goodwin’s ‘Poems to Last a Lifetime’ (Picador), The Candlestick Press pamphlet anthologies on different themes and only £4.95 apiece, and Bloodaxe’s Being Human, are great things to dip into. A poem a day keeps the sadness away.
  2. Fire and light are important parts of all winter festivals. A real hearth fire or logburner is a boost, and even the humble gas fire has a flame. Burn a scented candle for easy access to flame, and the scent will…

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