My contribution toThe BeZine 100,000 Poets/Artists/Peacemakers for Change

carolynoconnell says:
September 24, 2016 at 6:23 AM
Terror and Beauty
after Yeats

A woman’s protests resound
as she pleads for her husband’s life
her video broadcast calls for justice
while he falls for being black.

An unknown child is pulled from rubble
that was the home in which he slept
before death dropped for morning skies.

A man walks the streets, unseen
by all who pass, his only crime
unable to pay for a roof above his head.

He lies in the savannah, a rotting carcass
prey to vulture, poachers residue
he had a tooth of ivory, hence his death.

Two cheetah cubs parade on leads
toys for elite boys, status symbols
their mother mourns them.

Sometimes a name appears
Ali, Kevin, Lorraine , Keith
Elephant, Gerrapah, Cat,
and fades to be replaced by others.

Beneath skin of fur all blood runs red,
and beauty rises to terror for justice.

—Carolyn O’Connell


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