Paragram Picks for the Paradox anthology


Our independent readers have now finished reading and we have our list of Paragram Picks. 

These pieces were submitted to the Paragram Paradox Prize and our readers felt they were too good to miss.

They will be published in a section of their own in the forthcoming ‘Paradox’ anthology.

HumourIanColvilleBack to the Future
HumourVivienneVermesThe Universal Voice
HumourAileenShirraSocial Media Rap
HumourVivienneVermesThe Jetwetters
HumourAileenShirraA Rule is a Rule
HumourRayPoolToupee or not Toupee
PoetryMairDe-Gare PittEither…Or
PoetryVeraIgnatowitschJust One
PoetryLindaMillsDÉJÀ VU
PoetryPollyStrettonIf You Didn’t Get This Message Call Me
PoetryMairDe-Gare PittBirthday Presents
PoetryMairDe-Gare PittWhat Men or Gods are These?
PoetryAlwynMarriageLaboratory mouse

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