How Poets Can Gain Recognition – guest blog post by Featured Poet founder Katie Kahn

Trish Hopkinson

Poets notoriously have a hard time gaining traction and establishing themselves; we’re called starving artists for a reason. Even wildly successful writers rarely have their name recognized outside of literary circles. School curriculums have also taken a nosedive when it comes to poetic appreciation; my daughter brought Katy Perry lyrics home as part of her poetry unit in 5th grade. Good thing we have technology.

I can usually put poets in one of two categories. There are deeply introverted individuals who write from an intricate mesh of feelings and experiences and then there are the highly extroverted, bubbly, ‘listen to what I just wrote’ poets. Of course, I’ve come across several who go through short bouts of enthusiasm only to withdraw back into solitude where they can write in peace. The internet is the perfect place for either type or those who swing back and both.

With so many…

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