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If you missed my list of favourite female poets back in March, you wouldn’t have known that Sophia Blackwell was on that list. So you can probably imagine how thrilled I am to introduce her second collection The Fire Eater’s Lover through Burning Eye AND even get a little interview with her about the release.

Sophia has been performing poetry for a long time, she is a veteran some might say of poetry night, both performing and hosting. Having done at a variety of venues in London. Sophia has had work published in the like of  Trespass, Rising, Fuselit anthologies and Pen Pusher and in Paul Burston’s anthology of gay short fiction, Boys and Girls and its follow-up Men and Women. Needless to say, she’s become an integral voice of British poetry and has woe’d her audiences and readers with rich, passionate language that has become the signature of her writing.


Hi Sophia!…

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