The Rag and Boneyard

Bethany W Pope

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest collection; a re-telling of the story of Persephone set in prohibition-era Tampa.

The Rag and Boneyard, available for purchase here.  


“Here is a forcefully-articulated take on the myth of Persephone, re-visioned as a familial tragedy set in the bootleg Southern States of America.  Its vivid coherence and dynamic pace convey, via visceral and unsparing language, the ways in which archetypal realities are also our own lived realities.  The poem, proceeding in cantos, is fluent and disciplined.  It considers both actively and reflectively the situating of the female self in response to violation, change and danger.  Throughout the narrative Bethany Pope sustains the fruitful transgression of literary and psychological boundaries to explore painful issues of parental force, betrayal and abandonment.  A bold and mesmerising book.” -Penelope Shuttle

“Bethany W. Pope’s variation on the Persephone myth, set in…

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