Off to Work Whistling


People do the most amazing things. They become concubines. They learn to live with their fate. They go to work. They sit in the wood. And when these things get into poems… the ones who sit in the wood turn into trees. Geraldine Green’s poem All Day ISit in the Woods, and Jennifer A. McGowan’s Pharaoh’s Concubine, bring us these particular insights into people and their surroundings through poetry.

In The Work Ethic, Democracy tries to go to work.  In new guidance from our not very caring State, I have this week learned that the sick note has now been renamed the fit note. Think on this, Owen Gallagher of The Work Ethic.

Nothing is too strange to happen in narrative, and narrative poetry. Some of the stories become myths. We finish with a narrating of a myth in Rayne Mackinnon’s poem Orpheus, in which…

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