LIGHT IN THE SHADOWS, one poet’s journey

So sad


Renee Robinson, American She-Poet and writer Renee Robinson, poet, children’s book author, blogger

I’m not sure how or why the impulse came to me to see if Renee Robinson’s blog was still up, but I suddenly found myself checking. Her WordPress domain has expired. She has another blog and a twitter account. Neither have had posts since August 2014. Nor are there any books published since then. Finally I searched for and found an obituary. She died in September 2014.

For about four years many of us watched this young woman produce an extraordinary volume of work, taking refuge in poetry as she struggled with metastatic colon cancer.

“Life is ever-changing. It is what we make of it. Though I have no control of when my life will end, I can paint my words out on a canvas. I can show my love for my family with each stroke.” 


Renee’s love of writing combined with the knowledge that her life was on the…

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