A Razory Edge of Cold

First poems from the U.S. on this site


Coming up to the spring, our first poet from Massachusetts today describes a local May Day festival and how her family missed it. 

Then a serious poem from Charlie Gracie, writtten in a collaboration with Irish sculptor Brendan McGloin, as a memorial to those who died in a hotel  fire in 1980.

Nikki Anne Schmutz from Utah offers a poem that seems more dispirited but in a more light-hearted way, using repetition and exaggeration to get her message home.

After these we need something a little more laid back, perhaps this small irrestible piece of philosophy from my friend the late Angus Calder, about perceptions of the outside world, and how the glory of it all makes up for a “razory edge of cold”

You can check out all these fine poets by looking them up.

Please send more poems folks: I can solicit poems but it would be nice…

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