Poemathon Jan 11th and 14th 2016 – Poems 75-100

Thanks to Sarah for her beautiful poem


Poem 76) For Holly Magill (Falafel, giraffe, squidge, toss, cellulite, congeniality)

How do you construct

a falafel for a giraffe?

Well you squidge it

and toss it

until the outside

is the texture

of cellulite.

Then climb a tree

with your offering

hoping for congeniality.



Poem 77) for Sarah Pritchard (repsonse to Sarah’s art piece)

Sarah P photo

He had taken his anger

bunched and thrown it

at the wall.

The resultant pieces

made sense,

a wedgewood carpet

of the broken

left the viewer wounded.

He walks over them

for a week

breaking the pieces further

then he lifts them

and places them swiftly

on clay.

He has always known

the order

always felt the pieces

were meant to fit together

into something freer than an urn.


Poem 78) for Sarah J Bryson (gasp, weft, snare, dais, extreme, lure)

We gasped.

When had he become the weft of our days?

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