Winnington Urban Village Poetry Callout

Angela Topping

252.JPGArtist and Sculptor Colin Spofforth and poet Angela Topping are pooling their skills and experience to create a wonderful, dynamic memorial to Winnington’s past and future. But they need your help.

Colin’s lifesize sculptures are currently being finalised and updates will be published on this site.

Angela has been commissioned to write a short poem on the past history of the site, which will be carved into the stone plinths of the finished sculptures. This poem is being crowd-sourced and the finished work will be a crafted complilation of memories from the people who lived in the area, worked at the ICI factory, played on the site or who have any other memories of the place. Such memories can be posted into the comment section below, or emailed to Angela at

The deadline for this community involvment is Monday 18th July.

Colin and Angela also want the younger generation…

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