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Wonderful to have my poem published in such eminent company. Many thanks Sally for including me so beautifully


Three poems today, and two more on the 29th February  because that is such a rare date. Then there will be a few on the following Monday 8th March, after StAnza Poetry Festival. These should keep you going.

Carolyn O’Connell describes Toby Glanville’s photograph in great detail (the photograph is available on Creative Commons) while Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons experiences the interruption of a teaching session on a poem by Roethke by an emperor moth in the garden. Great stuff.

Then a change of mood with the late Maurice Lindsay’s thoughts as an elderly poet on the world’s recurring problems, which seem to be even more pressing today than in 2008 when he wrote this poem.

And if that isnt enough for one reading,  the Chinese spring and the rest of last week’s poems are still there in the February posts.


Carolyn O’Connor
Time Lag
from Plasterer’s Mate 1992 by…

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