Poetry Space Eggs on Toast Valentines Day Competition.  My poem “Lovers in the Window” was one of the five selected winnewrs in this competition. The other great poets are John RichardsonEileen Carney Hulme,Di Coffey, Lizzie Ballagher

Lovers in the Window

Curtained by naked trees
branches screen the room
hung with lights, shining
apricots clothing the couple.

They move about unaware
that every move is seen
every touch tasted
as if they were sipped.

Sometimes he’s alone
preparing dinner
she appears in the light
and they eat together.

Today she’s alone
lifting the river of blond hair
arranges its stream as
she waits lit by a single branch
a lamp that mimics the sun

shines from the back wall
and he comes into the light
of the golden apricots.

Carolyn O’Connell


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