When by Leanne Moden

I am not a silent poet

When people use fund-raising and donations,

As ways to pacify their rising guilt.

When trafficking destroys a generation,

And shelters are unfunded and unbuilt.

When children under ten are mutilated

For sinful natures they do not possess.

When bodies are both lusted for and hated,

And violence is blamed on how she’s dressed.


When healthcare is denied to those who need it,

And twisted morals fuel indignities.

When foul abuse remains an open secret

And all of us display complicity.

When shame is used to drown dissenting voices,

And threats of death are served to those who speak.

When we are all denounced for all our choices,

Deriding and defamed for being weak.


When half of us are crying out for freedom,

And rape is just another act of war.

How can we say that we’re all truly equal?

The damage runs too deep to be ignored.


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