No kidding: The Adventure of a Lifetime, “Book Club” (the movie)

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Sometimes joy is as simple as finding a film that doesn’t involve violence and murder. In the midst of a world that is suffering pain and loss in every nook and cranny, I found a wonderful documentary film,BOOK CLUB: The Adventure of a Lifetime.  It’s about a group of women living in the Washington, D.C. area. They formed a book club that was still active as of 2009, the year the film was released, making it sixty-two years old. That’s longer than many marriages last, longer than some people live.

Watching this charming film is like opening a time-capsule. There are early references to WWI and the Great Depression. There is the club’s history through the pre-war years, WWII, the post-war ’50s, Kennedy’s assassination and the ’60s, and on it goes into the last decade.

Book Club travels from the weighty tomes the women read initially to “improve our minds” when…

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