Alison Hill and Sisters in Spitfires

Rebecca Gethin

How exciting it is to announce to the world that a poetry book has just been published (absolutely yesterday) and especially this one: Alison Hill’s Sisters in Spitfires which appears on the Featured Writer page.  Such a fantastic and intriguing subject is bound to be a wow of a best-seller and in Alison’s hands it is indeed a fire-cracker. Sisters in Spitfirescelebrates the women who flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during the Second World War. They flew Anything to Anywhere – from Tiger Moths to Wellingtons and four-engine bombers – but shared a particular love of the iconic Spitfire. There were 164 women of the 1,246 ATA aircrew, including four female engineers, from over 25 countries. Pilots had no instruments or radios and were at the mercy of the British weather and enemy aircraft, often ferrying several planes each day.

And here’s what the reviewers have already said about it:

“Alison’s beautiful poetry…

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