Of Gender and Poetry: Lydia Towsey & Hollie Poetry

Burning Eye Books

In all regions of the UK, the appointed role of Poet Laureate are all held by women. In Northern Ireland it is Sinead Morrissey, Scotland Liz Lochhead, Wales Gillian Clarke and of course, the UK’s Laureate is Carol Ann Duffy. Duffy is the first woman to gain this title after almost 400 years of its instatement. The London Laureates for the past three years have been women and Kate Tempest is one of the most successful poets of all time. Even in the realm of performance poetry, women seem to be much more successful at having their voice heard so why is it still all about men? We asked Lydia Towsey and Hollie Poetry for their insights:

Lydia –

Considering that the poet laureates for all regions of the UK are female and Selina Nwulu has just been made London’s Young Poet Laureate, why do you think the BBC focused on predominately male poets on National…

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