Carole Bromley and ‘The Stonegate Devil’

Rebecca Gethin

Carole Bromley is the new Featured Writer and I feel very privileged to show her work on this site.  I met Carole on 52, the poetry site that was run by Jo Bell and who gave us a prompt for each week of the year. In the end it lasted for a 15 months and Carole must have written a poem almost every day as well as being an indefatigable commenter and liker. She always made you feel supported.   So I feel as if I ‘know’ her a bit even though we have never met.  But you can see that she is rather eminent from her biography…. published four times by Smith/Doorstep and a serial winner of competitions.  Her light touch is deceptive: the natural ease is always finely judged.

Whatever Carole touches seems to turn into poetry. Words are breath to her,  always beautifully crafted and often very unsettling.

There are plenty of great accolades that sing her praises far better than I…

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