The Poetry Bus – hop on… (is that a rubbish pun?)

Abegail Morley

bus stop1

When I was updating magazines for my list (here), I added The Poetry Bus at the request of a reader. I wanted to know more about this magazine so asked editors, Peadar and Collette O’Donoghue to fill me in.

Can you tell me how and when The Poetry Bus emerged?

Hello, thank you so much for inviting us here to the poetry shed!
Back in the late 90s I (Peadar)was a compulsive blogger and the seed of PB was a one-off exercise among bloggers to write something at the same moment in time across the world to see if there was any, however ethereal ,connection in our poems, to see if we simultaneously tapped into some kind of zeitgeist. We didn’t, but it was fun and people really responded and enjoyed it, and enjoyed reading other people’s poems, so I decided to set a weekly writing task every…

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