new boots and pantisocracies

The Bus Riders’ Creed

We believe that passengers, like motorists, are people, who need to move from one place to another;
that if their destination is too far for them to walk, they should have provided safe, efficient means to get them there;
that these means are more efficient shared, and that sharing, as every toddler knows, is good;
that therefore it is no imposition to take yourself to a public stop, and wait with other passengers;
nor is it an infringement of your rights to have to wait for transport while it pauses at other people’s stops;
that everyone who can pay pays the same price for the same distance, and those who can’t pay should be helped to pay;
that those who need help to get on should be helped to get on, and if other passengers can help them, then they should;
that if someone needs your…

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