Ben Willems – Exit Poll, Wetherspoons

The Stare's Nest

Exit Poll Wetherspoons

He is the Trafford and Hulme CAMRA guy
I like drinking and writing poetry
They do fell-running at weekends
She is a manager, best job she’s ever had
She has a beehive hairdo, she’s in a Supremes
tribute act, they made it to the States last year,
they’re planning to go back.
He took his kids to Eurodisney,
they were just the right age

The photo-memorials
of hardened drinkers
no longer with us
the crumpled faces

We should work more
We should work less
There’s always the lottery

She’s going to the pictures, she’s treating herself
He’s putting all his old football shirts
on ebay – under duress
He hasn’t spoken to him in over two years
as far as he’s concerned they
inhabit different countries

Ben Willems lives in Manchester and has been writing poetry for over 10 years, a lot of it performance-based. His work has…

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