Roger Dennis – National Poetry Competition prize winner 2014

Congratulation to Roger a wonderful poem please read

Rebecca Gethin

Roger Dennis has recently won the National Poetry competition and his poem, Corkscrew Hill,  is on my Featured Writer’s page. Until now I thought of him as an artist and I’ve heard from several people that he is a great art tutor: he lives in Ashburton which is my main shopping town. I love his paintings which seem very diverse in style and tone.  I really didn’t know he wrote and it seems this was the first poem he sent out into the world.  It’s the kind of miracle everyone would dream of!

I took advantage of knowing him to ask him a few questions about the enigmatic poem and his writing ….

Q1.  What is the relationship between your writing and your art?

I can see that this is naturally one of the first questions people have when they realise I both paint and write, but…

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