How to maximise your chances of getting your poems accepted for publication

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How to maximise your chances of getting your poems accepted for publication

The current issue of The New Writer features interviews with three poetry magazine editors, which includes the following statistics:-

  • Envoi magazine features 20 – 30 poets each issue, 400 – 500 poets will have submitted poems.
  • Other Poetry publishes 200 poems from 3500 – 4000 submitted.

In other words, both poetry magazines only accept around 5% of poems submitted.  This is actually generous as some poetry magazines accept as little as 2% of poets submitted.  So how can you increase your poems’ chances of being accepted in such a tough market?

Read Poetry Magazines

Better still, subscribe to a few.  Although poetry magazines generally don’t favour subscribers when selecting poems for publication, subscribing to as many magazines as you can means that there will be a market for your work.

Reading poetry magazines will also give you an…

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