Prole – Poetry and Prose issue 15

Abegail Morley

Prole%20cover%2015_jpg-for-web-normalNow available: issue 15 of Prole – containing a fantastic collection of fiction and poetry. Again, we’re amazed and very grateful for the fabulous contributions from our writers and photographer. This issue contains the winners of the Prolitzer Prize for Prose Writing, 2014.

To purchase a copy or a three issue subscription, use this link:

Select correct option
Prole, single issue 15, delivered to UK address £6.70 GBP Prole, issue 15, single issue, delvered to non UK address £10.50 GBP Prole 15, 16, 17 delivered to UK address £18.60 GBPProle, 15, 16, 17 delivered to nonUK address £28.50 GBPFull PDF of Prole 15 delivered to your inbox £4.00 GBPPDFs of Prole 15, 16, 17 delivered to your inbox £10.00 GBP

If ordering a subscription, issues 16 and 17 are due out in April and August 2015.

If ordering a PDF version, please be aware, our web server does not allow automated downloads. It might be…

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