Within by Bethany Rivers

I am not a silent poet

Syria within me

I feel your desolate desecration

Thousands of crumbling empty houses

Palestine within me

I feel your  Land robbed  Olive trees poisoned

Crimes against The Wall

Europe within me

Every flag of every nation

Only the wind carries freedom

Blood battles within me

Of the generations to come

Scars and fences needing to be undone

Russian pogroms within me

In the bones of my Great Grandmother

Wounds of  dislocation

The thirst within me

Fountain of my heart still learning

To make itself heard


Bethany Rivers (M.A.)
Debut pamphlet due out 22nd July, OFF THE WALL from Indigo Dreams Publishing http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/bethany-rivers/4592595600

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Changing Scenes by Carolyn O’Connell

Thanks to Ruben for accepting this

I am not a silent poet

Once the meadows shone with colour
strings of white, blue, red &yellow,
left to flower, seed, spread, only plucked
by children’s hands . But now they quiver
on the verge, while fenced, the meadow
sprayed and mowed is bare of blossom.

While in the gardens flowers bloom
tended by the caring hands that
work and watch their efforts prosper
encouraged by passion for a flower.

Yet each season thwarts their efforts
rain falls in places far too heavy
whilst others gasp for water as streams
vanish through ever drying winters.

Hidden in the land the rigs plunder
oil and gas to feed our need,
while out at sea the remnants of our
throw away economy are ingested
by the fish we eat, and the coral’s colours
fades to deathly grey as temperatures
rises ice melts the poles. The bear
and penguin search for safe routes.

Even the jungles screech in…

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Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 14 (April 2017)

Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 14 (April 2017)

Three Drops from a Cauldron

Welcome to our April issue! This month’s poetry and flash fiction are brought to you by the darker sides of Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, folk horror human sacrifice, a different sort of resurrection, and a lovely little man who believes in fairies, to name a few.

Featuring cover art by Christine Stoddard, and poetry and flash fiction by Clifton Redmond, Noel Williams, Jennie Farley, Alyson Faye, Sarah James, Elizabeth Power, Claire Walker, Bethany W Pope, Peter J. King, Chris Hardy, John Gabriel Adkins, and Helen Harrison.

Happy reading!

(If anyone has a visual impairment and cannot adjust the settings / download on Issuu [downloading has been enabled, but I think it requires you to sign up / sign in], please email Kate at threedropspoetry@gmail.com, and I will be happy to send you a PDF.)

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Legend of the Month: Ruth Bidgood

Legend of the Month: Ruth Bidgood

Seren Books Blog

Each month we are shining the spotlight on one fantastic Seren author in honour of Wales’ Year of Legends. Our selection for April is the poet Ruth Bidgood.

Ruth Bidgood turns 95 this year, and her poetry career spans over five decades. She was born in Blaendulais, near Neath, educated at Oxford, and worked as a coder in Alexandria, Egypt in World War Two. She has lived in mid-Wales since the mid-sixties.

Legend of the Month Ruth Bidgood

She has published fourteen books of poetry, including The Fluent Moment (Seren, 1996), Singing to Wolves (Seren, 2000), and her New and Selected Poems(Seren, 2004). Her twelfth collection, Time Being(Seren, 2009), won the Roland Mathias Prize and was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Her most recent collection is Land Music (Cinnamon, 2016). As well as poetry, she has written a prose book about Wales, Parishes of the Buzzard (Goldleaf, 2000), and published many articles in…

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This Poem was Published in the April edition of Reach Poetry 223 Thanks to Ronnie & Dawn


She sat at her desk
stern, yet welcoming
almost a mother but barred by time

as the watery day threw pebbles
on the dirty window
matching the mood

she listened as we described
the chines we’d encountered
cliffs, drifts, rocks
of the climb, before the final fall

into the unknown air
of this unspeakable mountain
to a space of no return.

She offered no resistance
but like a mother
tucking her child to sleep
offered her helping lullaby

a small song of comfort
lightening the fear of sleep
welcome as hope of rescue.

Carolyn O’Connell
February 2017

Published Reach Poetry 223 April 2017